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Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight    by M. E. Thomas order for
Confessions of a Sociopath
by M. E. Thomas
Order:  USA  Can
Crown, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Harper

Believe it or not, this fictionalized author has penned her own self-defense and says that sociopaths are needed members of society. Hard as it is to believe, a real live sociopath wrote a memoir here and established a website celebrating her existence. It's gender neutral because the author is anonymous. The author claims to be a she who says she has 'broad, strong shoulders and an angular jaw. My friends often remark on my toughness and swagger.' She? Androgynous? Her initials are M. E., and the book is indeed all about me and her real name may be Thomas. The author claims that most sociopaths are not criminals because most have learned to live within the law to get what they want. That doesn't keep them from working their schemes, however.

The author lists characteristics of sociopaths. They truly don't care. Anyone and everything is viewed as to how they/it may serve him/her. They have no remorse, have total disregard for others, enjoy deceit, and winning at all costs. Social norms only exist where useful. They take risks, demand stimulation, and attention. They love to ruin others and suffer no guilt. It's all about avoiding boredom, gaining pleasure, and wining. They can also size up a situation instantly because no emotions cloud the way.

The author says that because they are risk takers, they are valuable to society. These are the snipers who kill without remorse in times of war. They will get the job done despite the risks. The challenge to achieve outweighs any collateral or human damage. She says she has learned to play within the rules to stay out of jail and to function as a successful attorney and professor. She also claims to be a Mormon. So is Warren Jeffs, attempting to run his cult from a jail cell. Such persons make great doctors because they are totally focused on the cure despite any risks. Josef Mengele would have loved her as a doctor and researcher.

Sociopaths have total disdain for empaths, those lowly empathetic souls who get wound up in emotions. She loved to play on the emotions of others as a young person and inflict as much pain as possible. Why? To watch what happens. She stole over a thousand dollars in food from the Mormons just because she could. She considered herself too smart to get caught, and she wasn't.

The book has value, despite my obvious disdain. I wish I had had someone explain these personalities to me before I figured them out the hard way. Some of the psychology courses I've taken could have been much more useful if such books were incorporated. This person wreaked havoc on teachers just because she didn't like them. One was too old and needed to retire, so she accused him of sexual harassment and staring at her breasts. He retired.

What she is missing and just doesn't get is what she has lost. She admits to having problems with relationships. Lacking is the wonder of love. The bond of love with another person, children, friends, and even pets is totally absent, and what a loss. I see this person as a tragic figure. She sees me as a loser. She says I would like her if I met her. Not for long, I wouldn't.

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