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This is How I Find Her    by Sara Polsky order for
This is How I Find Her
by Sara Polsky
Order:  USA  Can
Albert Whitman, 2013 (2013)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

As the only child of a single mother with bipolar disorder, Sophie Cannon's life revolves around her mother's moods and medication regimen leaving her no time for friends or a social life. She hasn't always been so alone. At one time Sophie's aunt and uncle helped out and Sophie's best friend was her cousin. Although they still live in the same town, Sophie feels they abandoned Sophie and her mother. She doesn't understand why.

At the beginning of Sophie's junior year of high school, she arrives home to find her mother has attempted suicide. After her mother is rushed to the hospital, Sophie does the only thing she knows to do; she goes to her estranged aunt and the family takes her in. Her uncomfortable situation gets worse before it gets better.

Sophie tells her story in flashbacks. She is just beginning to understand some of the things that happened when she was a young child. Being away from her mother is beneficial to Sophie who feels guilty that her life is better while her mother is going through a crisis.

This is an emotional story of how a family member's bipolar disorder can complicate even the closest relationships. Sophie is a strong character, who understands her mother's illness and now begins to understand her past.

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