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Wiggle Room    by Darden North order for
Wiggle Room
by Darden North
Order:  USA  Can
Sartoris Literary Group, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Wiggle Room, the fourth of author Darden North's novels, has received many plaudits from other authors that heap high praise on his work. I am not of the same opinion.

While in Iraq serving as an Air Force surgeon, Major Brad Cummins is accused of letting an American soldier die while he attended an Iraqi civilian. Cleared of this accusation, he returns to the States, looking forward to reuniting with his fiancée and resuming his practice with his twin brother. His life changes irrevocably when he discovers his brother shot to death – soon to be followed by the death of his brother's fiancée.

Convinced that his brother was mistaken for him and that someone involved with the investigation in Iraq is out for revenge, he discounts his fiancée's and the police's assurances that he is being paranoid. They feel he is safe. However he remains on the alert.

The plot carries the story forward at a good pace. The characters also work fairly well, although they are a bit shallow. Unfortunately, I never felt the sense of panic that a man in Brad's position would feel. This thriller just didn't thrill me.

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