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The Lady of Secrets    by Susan Carroll order for
Lady of Secrets
by Susan Carroll
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

It has been many years since Meg Wolfe escaped the horror of her childhood and the sinister title of The Silver Rose. With her crazed mother long dead, Meg has been safely ensconced within the welcoming arms and teachings of the daughters of the earth, who reside on Faire Isle. Meg's extraordinary gifts and special insights soon see her take over the reigns as Lady of the Faire Isle.

Sir Patrick Graham wastes little time in tracking down Meg, for King James has been cursed and Graham believes only Meg can lift it. She on the other hand, wants nothing more to do with high court intrigue; she had her fill while the evil Dark Queen, Catherine de Medici, lived. Yet once she discovers that followers of the Silver Rose still lurk (which means that her mother Cassandra Lascelles might still live as well), she reluctantly travels to the London court to investigate.

Meg soon finds herself pulled into various deadly court intrigues and plots for revenge - and into the romantic sights of two very different men. Their secrets might finally destroy her after all she's strived so hard to put behind her.

Given Meg's deliciously sinister background, I wouldn't have minded her story being a bit darker. The various quests for revenge plot line turned out to be rather benign and clichéd.

Even so, Carroll never fails to disappoint with her beautifully written and historically accurate passages, and most of all her characterizations - especially leads Meg and Armagil, a haunted and guilt ridden man whose belief in redemption - and love - is sorely tested throughout. The Lady of Secrets is another stellar instalment in Carroll's long running Dark Queen series. Don't miss it.

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