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Two Graves    by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child order for
Two Graves
by Douglas Preston
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Just as Aloysius Pendergast is about to be reunited with his beloved wife Helen, enemies from her past appear and wrench her from Pendergast's grasp yet again. Determined to find her at any cost, Pendergast leaves no stone unturned, but his quest ultimately turns tragic.

Hell bent on avenging her murder and discovering the dark secrets that she'd been too terrified to share even with him, he travels deep into the jungles of South America and uncovers the new world order, one that had swallowed up Helen and threatens all those she'd come into contact with. But the shocking reality of her true background is nothing when compared to the new truths that could destroy Pendergast and those few souls he holds dear.

Agent Aloysius Pendergast may be uber intelligent, uber resourceful and uber rich (and thus able to grease a thousand palms without batting an eye), but I've always loved his character for it, including a few other of his other weird quirks. However, some of the stunts he pulls off here to gain information and entrance into secret lairs, and ultimately, exact his close to superhuman revenge against Helen's tormentors, stretched the limits of even my vivid imagination.

And, seriously, am I the only one getting a little tired of the evil Nazis engineering the next generation 3rd Reich plot line?

Two previously introduced secondary stories, that of ward Constance and young would-be investigator Corrie, also didn't add much to this particular plotline, I found, other than padding an already overblown book.

Taken as a whole though, Two Graves answers many questions that were raised in previous instalments (Fever Dream and Cold Vengeance) as well as adding various intriguing new twists to Aloysius Pendergast's already strange and over-the-top life.

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