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At Left Brain Turn Right    by Anthony Meindl order for
At Left Brain Turn Right
by Anthony Meindl
Order:  USA  Can
Meta Creative, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

In his first self-help guide, At Left Brian Turn Right: An Uncommon Path to Shutting Up Your Inner Critic, Giving Fear the Finger and Having an Amazing Life, actor/director Anthony Meindl tries to teach left-brainers how to unlock their creativity to live a better life.

Each chapter is filled with Meindl's advice and anecdotes, but the only part of the lesson that really hits home is the homework at the end of each chapter. In these, Meindl gives excellent tips for unlocking your creative side or just letting go of the stress of life. These are all very easy to understand and attempt, as opposed to some of the convoluted ideas presented in the chapters.

While the title is creative, I feel it might alienate many readers. For one, it automatically says that this book is only for left-brained people, totally disregarding any right-brained people who might need to refresh their creative side. Also, Meindl assumes that left-brained people want to be more right-brained, which is not always the case, so those who just want to let loose a little, but like their left-brained world will not get far in this guide.

However, there are those who fit right into the audience that Anthony Meindl is trying to hit, and they will definitely gain something from At Left Brian Turn Right.

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