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47 Things You Can Do For The Environment    by Lexi Petronis & Jill Buck order for
47 Things You Can Do For The Environment
by Lexi Petronis
Order:  USA  Can
Zest, 2012 (2012)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

With Earth Day just around the corner you might be thinking of family activities that you can engage in to make this annual event more meaningful. Paging through 47 Things You Can Do For The Environment, you'll discover a number of ways you can conserve resources and live a greener existence.

Divided into eight sections, this book suggests things that can be done at home and at school as well as ways of making lifestyle changes that will foster conservation. There are also suggestions on how to use technology to help the environment and things you can do while out in the community shopping, traveling, having fun with friends or enjoying recreational activities.

With an estimated two billion disposable razors sent to landfills every year, you might wish to switch to either an electric razor or use an old fashioned one with refillable blades. And rather than throw the blades away when they are dull, get a device to re-sharpen them. You'll not only save money but also help keep the used material out of the dump.

You might be surprised to learn that a front-loading washing machine uses up to fifty percent less water than a top loader. So if you go to a laundromat, find one with front loaders or next time you buy a machine look for a front loader.

In 2009 Americans bought 8.45 billion gallons of bottled water. Although many of the bottles were recycled, far too many did not make it into the re-cycle bin. One way of not only cutting down on those empties going into the landfill but also saving money is to purchase a reusable container or thermos that you can fill with water every day at home. Take it with you in the car when you travel or to work or school.

These are just some of the suggestions you'll find in this handy little book that will help you live a greener lifestyle. Although this book is intended for teenagers, there are ideas here that anyone can benefit from.

At the back of the book you'll find not only a glossary of terms but also a five page list of Green Resources which features website and other helpful information.

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