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Entice Me    by Lucianne Rivers order for
Entice Me
by Lucianne Rivers
Order:  USA  Can
Entangled, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Allison Caldwell (sister of Jane and Margo) has just learned from a private investigator of a lead on their father. She needs to locate him so that they can finally put the estate to rest.

Their mother died two weeks before and a stipulation in the will states that their father is alive and is to receive one quarter of the inheritance. Robert Riveria (the PI, also an ex-Navy SEAL) has told her that her father might be in a prison camp in Afghanistan. With her sisters in Guatemala and the Virgin Islands, that leaves Allison to go find him.

Robert decides to accompany her and protect her, since he has experience in the war zone. What they don't expect is their mutual attraction. Robert being older than Ally, it surprises both of them. As they continue their adventure together things start to steam up and turn to love. Can Ally and Robert overcome past obstacles and give in to the passion they are feeling?

This was a great way to wrap up the trilogy, with a little more sexual tension and some action to keep you going. All in all it's a good series with different scenarios for each sister.

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