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All You Desire
by Kirsten Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Razorbill, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

The sequel to The Eternal Ones, All You Desire is even more of a page-turner than the first. Kirsten Miller's latest novel gives us mystery, intrigue, and even more secret societies. Haven Moore knew her idyllic life in Rome with her soul mate Iain Morrow could not last forever. Memories of a past life surface on a trip to Florence, a life where Haven and her best friend Beau were siblings. It was not a happy life, but Haven must continue to try to remember bits and pieces of it if she is going to find who kidnapped Beau which is what draws her back to New York.

Her snake-handling friend Leah tells Haven she must speak to the Pythia, a past-life priestess employed by the Ouroboros Society, but also the head of an even more secret organization called the Horae. This is a group of twelve women whose sole task in each life is to stop the magos, Adam Rosier, the ageless head of the Ouroboros Society. As his desire for Haven is his only weakness, the Horae agree to help Haven find Beau as long as she helps them imprison Adam. After what happened the first time she came to New York, Haven has no qualms about putting Adam away. But as she gets closer to him, she no longer knows whom to trust.

All You Desire moves along at a razor clip, as Haven learns more about the age-old feud between Adam and the Horae. More members of the Ouroboros Society are introduced, creating a complex network of clues and suspects. While Haven still remains wishy-washy as to whom to trust, it no longer changes with each chapter as her love interest did in The Eternal Ones, making All You Desire a much smoother read. While many loose ends from the first book were explored this time, and many tied up, there is a still a big one left at the end, leaving the door open for more episodes - which is a very good thing judging by this second entry.

Kirsten Moore has created a dark fantasy that will suck readers in from the very beginning. As it is a sequel, it is definitely necessary to read The Eternal Ones before All You Desire, but unlike many sequels, the pacing, plot, and mood of this one greatly eclipse the original, making it a solid must read.

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