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Lethal Lineage    by Charlotte Hinger order for
Lethal Lineage
by Charlotte Hinger
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

In this second of the Lottie Albright series, author Charlotte Hinger continues her story of Lottie's work recording the history of the populace of Western Kansas counties. She also moonlights as an FBI consultant.

Lottie, a multi-tasker, is an undersheriff while running a household containing numerous children and a very patient and understanding husband. She does these things well, even when tiredness creeps in and almost lays her flat.

Attending her niece's confirmation in the newly-built church, she is witness to Reverend Mary Farnsworth's mysterious death. Murder! Who would want to murder that gentle woman who was dedicated to doing good? Episcopal Bishop Talesbury preaches what Lottie and her twin sister Josie feel is a sinister fire and brimstone sermon. Not the proper thing for a confirmation ceremony.

While the world seems to be falling apart around them, Lottie and Josie once again join hands as they try to discover why Talesbury is even in their part of Kansas. And why Mary Farnsworth had to die. A sheriff from an adjacent county, much to his regret, gives the twins a hard time. He won't do that again.

Lethal Lineage delves into Western Kansas history, which proved fascinating to this reviewer. Along with the mystery involved and the suspense it generated, this was a very good read.

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