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The Teacher's Big Book of Graphic Organizers    by Katherine McKnight order for
Teacher's Big Book of Graphic Organizers
by Katherine McKnight
Order:  USA  Can
John Wiley & Sons, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Whether you are a teacher or parent homeschooling your child, the many reproducible worksheets for grades 5-12 found here will be a godsend if you are looking for a painless way of improving the delivery of educational material.

The graphic organizers the author has created will help assess classroom achievement, and build the youngster's learning skills. There are also aids included which can be used to support the student's comprehension of new material.

Do you need a sheet that will help organize brainstorming sessions, explain how to use a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast two things, or organize an anticipation guide? You'll find all these sheets and more here.

There is also an entire range of vocabulary development sheets, organizers for note taking, reading comprehension and writing projects.

Not only are these organizers helpful with all levels of students, from gifted to youngsters with special needs, but they have also proven to help adults in situations as varied as corporate settings or college classrooms.

Once you page through this book and see all the possibilities that will assist you in making the educational content you are trying to impart more accessible, I think you'll immediately reach for your wallet. With easy-to copy, lay-flat pages, you won't run the risk of destroying the book's binding either. In fact, this is one book you'll want to share with friends and fellow teachers ... just make sure they give it back! (Or better still, tell them to get their own copy!)

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