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Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions    by Vicki Myron & Bret Witter order for
Dewey's Nine Lives
by Vicki Myron
Order:  USA  Can
Dutton, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

If you're an animal lover in any way, shape or form, you've probably heard all about Dewey the library cat. Discovered almost frozen to death in the metal return slot of Spencer, Iowa's library during a bitter cold snap in January of 1988, little Dewey (as Spencer's then librarian Myron would name him once she was certain he'd survive) spent the next nineteen years as the library's mascot and good will ambassador. He became every patron's friend, and for some, a confidante when they needed a little emotional lift.

After the world wide success of Dewey, Myron's tribute to the small-town library cat who had the 'ability to spread his joyous, friendly and relaxed attitude toward life to everyone he met', she received thousands of letters from people who had been affected, in one form or another, by cats they'd shared their lives with. Since Myron was determined to continue sharing some of the tales that Myron says showed 'the way real cats and real people live' Dewey's Nine Lives was born.

You'll learn about Tobi, the Siamese cat whose shy and reticent nature complemented that of a young woman named Yvonne who claimed Tobi her only true friend. You'll laugh out loud as you follow the antics of Mr. Sir Bob Kittens and his ninja stunts. You'll share troubled Vietnam vet Bill Besanson's poignant memories of Spooky, who was as much a survivor, a fighter, and adventurer as Bill. Most of all Spooky was his 'loyal friend and constant companion for almost twenty years' and Bill's 'only true connection and lifeline when on all those nights when the dreams were bad or the fear crept in'. And you'll share memories with Mary and Larry Evans, who, over the years, cared for the dozens of feral cats that roamed the grounds of the Colony Resort on Sanibel Island.

There are many more stories in this wonderful collection. All are equally poignant and a few of them will make you cry. One thing is certain - Dewey's Nine Lives is a stirring and realistic tribute to not only the unassuming library cat who started it all, but all the felines who have adopted humans and taught us to live in the moment.

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