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Don't Blink    by James Patterson & Howard Roughan order for
Don't Blink
by James Patterson
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

What can I say? Another James Patterson hit? You bet. He and co-author Howard Roughan have produced a sure winner in Don't Blink.

Lombardo's Steak House in New York City is the place to go for 'a double-thick, artery-clogging, forty-six-ounce porterhouse, the very sight of which could give a vegan an apoplectic seizure'. If you survive that, there is a second perk. A chance to see and be seen. Clientele are members of the headline-seeking jet set who feel important whether they are or not.

Unfortunately, a third happening occurs as journalist Nick Daniels is waiting to conduct an interview with an out-of-favor former baseball star. The two sit and watch, unable to move, as a man's eyeballs are sliced from his head!

The story picks up speed from there and never stops running. Nick delves into the star's background and into the eyeless man's life and death. This leads to the mob the mafia and Nick's interference threatens his life time and again.

Naturally, there is a feminine interest. What self-respecting mystery can ignore a woman's wiles? Or two of them, in this case. Don't Blink is a quickly read, hard-to-stop-reading novel. Don't miss it.

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