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You are Next    by Katia Lief order for
You are Next
by Katia Lief
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Former detective Karin Schaeffer made a major error when she apprehended Martin Prince. She didn't kill him when she had the chance. Here he was, cowering in front of her. This was the man who killed her daughter and her husband. Didn't this monster who had destroyed Karin's life and was bent on obliterating her entire family deserve to die?

Of course he did! Why wait for the legal system to do something that she could do now? All Karin had to do was pull the trigger of the gun she had pointed at his head. Did she do it? No!

'I learned that I could kill myself more easily than I could kill Martin Prince,' Karin said, explaining why she didn't squeeze the trigger on that fateful day.

Now that error has come back to haunt the grieving woman. Prince, the notorious Domino Killer she placed behind bars, has escaped from prison where he was serving a life sentence. Karin knows exactly why he worked so hard to escape and what Prince will do next.

Not only will she not run and hide as others advise, but Karin also intends to openly await her tormentor's pleasure. She really has nothing to lose. Along with her former partner and friend, this determined, vengeful woman is going to use herself as bait. More importantly, when she meets the Domino Killer again she won't make the mistake she made before!

This suspenseful debut introduces a woman who teaches writing at the New School in Manhattan. If Katia Lief's students follow their teacher's example, they'll be on their way to literary stardom too!

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