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A River in the Sky    by Elizabeth Peters order for
River in the Sky
by Elizabeth Peters
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2017 (2010)
Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

It is August 1910, the eve of World War I. Amelia Peabody and her husband (Father of Curses) Emerson have been forbidden by the Egyptian Bureau of Antiquities to excavate in the Valley of the Kings - a little disagreement that ended with their banishment.

When the opportunity arises to do some excavation in Palestine, they jump at the chance, but not before they agree to keep an eye out for spies German, in particular. They are especially to watch for a man named Morley, whom the foreign office is sure is a spy.

Peabody and Emerson have not done any digging in Palestine, among the crumbling remains of the Ottoman Empire, and also the Holy Land of three religions Christians, Jews and Muslims (Moslems). Religious differences are sure to add to the mix.

Their son, Ramses, of course, is kidnapped and their adopted son David, in trying to extricate Ramses from his predicament, falls prey to the same problem.

Emerson and Peabody to the rescue. Seems like the plots must be revisited from time to time, from the amount of books Peters has written about the two exuberant archeologists. But we have all fallen in love with both the excavators and the author - I, for one, would read anything Peters writes.

Peters' knowledge of that part of the world in that period of time is extensive and she is not shy about sharing that knowledge. Her books are always a delight to read and she does not hesitate to poke fun at officialdom. She gets to say what she thinks and feels and can attribute this to Peabody, not herself.

Don't miss the delightful latest in the long list of novels featuring Emerson and Peabody.

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