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The Fire Lord's Lover: The Elven Lords    by Kathryne Kennedy order for
Fire Lord's Lover
by Kathryne Kennedy
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Outwardly, it might appear that Cassandra Bridges has been raised by nuns as a pure, innocent and biddable young lady, but in reality, she is a trained assassin whose sole mission is to follow through on her childhood betrothal to renowned champion, General Dominic Raikes. Once ensconced within his dark Elven domain however, she is to kill her half-blood husband and his cruel father, Mor'ded to make way for a new age of freedom.

Marriage is not on Dominic's personal agenda but to retain his masquerade as the carbon copy of his cruel and half-crazed sire Mor'ded, Dominic does not dispute his father's decree that he must wed and produce an heir. He will waste no time getting the chit with child, for to tarry, or even develop feelings for Cassandra, would only bring heartbreak to them both, as well as delay Dom's own personal vow to destroy his hated father. But as each begins to peel away the secretive layers of the other's emotions - and motivations - Cass and Dominic realise that to successfully overthrow Mor'ded, they must combine their knowledge, their burgeoning magic and their newfound love.

In The Fire Lord's Lover, the first instalment in Kennedy's new romantic fantasy series, the author deftly blends fact, fiction and various mythologies and weaves a dark and singular world. In this imaginative realm, seven elven lords have invaded Britain, divided the land into various regions where each lord enslaves or bewitches humans, whom they regard as nothing more than chattel to use as they please. Dominic and Cass are entertaining leads whose motivations eventually mesh as they work to overthrow Lord Mor'ded. The action does sometimes bog down with long passages of courtly Georgian-based ritual, but overall the story is unique and well written and stars two memorable leads in Dominic and Cass.

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