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The True Love Quilting Club    by Lori Wilde order for
True Love Quilting Club
by Lori Wilde
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2010 (2010)

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* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Emma Parks is summoned back to Twilight, Texas by Nina Blakley after she injures a big time producer when he hits on her. He has her arrested and a woman who runs the playhouse in her old hometown helps her out by casting her in a play there. Nina was a star back in the day and has her own reasons for having Emma back. Emma's name when she lived in Twilight was Trixie Lynn but she changed it when she moved to make it big as an actress. The town welcomes her with open arms; she is one of them after all.

Sam Cheek was Trixie Lynn's true love when she was a teenager; he is still living in Twilight and working as a vet. When his dog Patches herds her to his house, he is shocked to see her. He had been married and has a young son named Charlie whom he and his wife adopted. His wife was killed while in Iraq and Charlie has not spoken since. Sam can't believe Trixie is back in Twilight and the sparks are definitely still there.

Trixie Lynn is deathly afraid of dogs but there is one in the play. Sam takes her out and promises that she will be comfortable with Patches. He helps her deal with her fear and at night he runs through the lines of the play with her. Trixie Lynn gets Charlie to finally talk and Sam is forever grateful. They can't stop remembering how much they cared about each other but both know that Trixie Lynn wants fame and fortune, and Sam does not want Charlie hurt again. Does Trixie Lynn love Sam and Charlie enough to give it all up?

The True Love Quilting Club has everything from small town closeness to passion and romance. Charlie is precious and it is hard not to fall in love with the child. Trixie Lynn and Sam are great characters with warm personalities. I also enjoyed the first in this series, The Sweethearts' Knitting Club and would love to see more of Twilight, Texas and its residents.

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