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Air Time: Charlotte McNally Mysteries    by Hank Phillippi Ryan order for
Air Time
by Hank Phillippi Ryan
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Ryan's series continues to charm as lead character Charlotte McNally calls the shots in this latest caper where she and her producer sidekick Franklin are determined to ferret out the culprits masterminding a ring of counterfeit purse designers.

After various female contacts in the know assure Charlie that the counterfeit ring is far more sophisticated than either she or Franklin had originally been led to believe, Charlie decides that the only way to get to the bottom of things is to go undercover. Once she infiltrates Double Designers however, she soon finds out that the shady company is willing to kill to keep its secret. Once the bad guys discover that Charlie is an investigative reporter she becomes their number one target.

Charlie's current investigation puts another strain on her romance with college professor Josh, who's been pushing that they move in together so they can spend more time together. He's not at all happy about her penchant for putting herself and those close to her at risk. He also questions the fact that Charlie doesn't seem to know how to separate work and personal time. Ryan balances action, nice snippets of humour and the more emotional side of the story nicely as Charlie is forced to step back and question her priorities.

Will Charlie choose her career over her private life? Or will Josh cut her some slack as she and Franklin chase after another high profile story that could well net them another Emmy nomination? Read Air Time to find out - it's another lively and timely mystery you won't want to miss.

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