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Pursuit of Honor
by Vince Flynn
Order:  USA  Can
Atria, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

With ten pulse-pounding thrillers previously on the bestseller lists, Vince Flynn brings another first-class entertainment to readers. Pursuit of Honor, appearing on bookstore shelves in two weeks, features Flynn's battle-tested CIA agent, Mitch Rapp.

When the fierce action begins, Washington DC has just been attacked again by terrorists. One hundred and eighty five innocents have been killed and hundreds more have been injured. Although Rapp and another agent succeeded in killing half-a-dozen of the terrorists at the scene of their crimes before they could escape, three other terrorists have fled the city and are now hiding somewhere in the heartland of America.

Rapp's challenge is to capture the three terrorists and prevent further carnage, but this task is complicated by several unexpected problems. One, a highly placed CIA official has apparently embarked on a personal crusade to clean up the agency and is willing to disclose secrets and endanger lives to do so. Two, some members of a senate committee are intent upon discrediting the CIA and holding agents accountable for the alleged torture of suspected terrorists in custody. Three, the President of the United States is eager to gain the upper hand in the increasingly volatile struggles between the intelligence and law enforcement branches of the government, and - to do so - he is willing to shine the unwelcome light of publicity on a covert CIA operative.

So, with that as the highly charged background, Rapp is off and running in the recommended Pursuit of Honor, one of the last decade's best post-9/11 novels. From Europe to Latin America, and from the District of Columbia to Iowa, Rapp moves quickly, carefully, and violently to neutralize and eliminate some very dangerous people. Pragmatic but ruthless, Rapp has little time for the kind of political correctness too commonly found among the bureaucrats and politicians in the nation's capital. Instead, Rapp remains single-mindedly focused on the protection of American interests, always sublimely confident that the ends justify the means.

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