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I Used to Know That: stuff you forget from school    by Caroline Taggart order for
I Used to Know That
by Caroline Taggart
Order:  USA  Can
Readers Digest, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Caroline Taggart, author of My Grammar and I ... Or Should That Be Me? now brings our aging population a small volume entitled I Used to Know That: stuff you forget from school. It aptly opens on a Robert Louis Stevenson quote: 'I've a grand memory for forgetting.'

Caroline Taggart begins by telling us that she's noticed with her own memories that they're often snippets, and not always complete or accurate. She hopes that readers will find things in her little book 'that strike a chord, however faintly. Things that make you say, "Oh yes, I used to know that."'

I Used to Know That is divided into sections on: English, Literature, Math, Science, History, Geography, and General Studies. Feel like you're back at school already? Remember what a diphthong is; who wrote Ode to a Nightingale; what a quadratic equation is; how photosynthesis works; where Vasco de Gama explored; what the capital of Belize is; or the Roman numeral for 1000?

If the questions all ring a bell, but answers don't immediately leap to mind, you might want to browse through I Used to Know That - you'll probably improve your game play of Trivial Pursuit in the process.

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