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Boston Scream Pie: A Paco & Molly Mystery    by Rosemary Mild & Larry Mild order for
Boston Scream Pie
by Rosemary Mild
Order:  USA  Can
Hilliard & Harris, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Caitlin has lived with her grandmother since the fatal crash that took the lives of her parents and twin sister. Now, at seventeen, Cailin is having horrifying nightmares of a car accident, although she was too young to remember the one that changed her life.

Trying to find the reason for her nightmares, Caitlin questions her grandmother and searches for newspaper articles. The car crash she is dreaming about is entirely different from the accident that killed her family. Realizing the search is beyond her, Caitlin appeals to her friend Paco LeSoto, a retired Baltimore detective. Along with Paco comes wife Molly of the delightful malapropisms that bring comic relief to this highly suspenseful story.

In another town, a family celebrates a wedding. Trouble is the bride hasn't been completely honest with the groom and his children. Her secret (four previous husbands now dead) added considerable money to her bank balance. The groom's daughter is slowing regaining consciousness from a car accident. As consciousness returns, she realizes her nurse would rather keep her in a catatonic state. How can she outwit a person who keeps her literally in the jail of her room?

As Paco, Molly and Caitlin unravel the perplexing clues, an astonishing secret is revealed, involving murder and grief in two families. Boston Scream Pie holds several intriguing plots (there are so many characters you may need to make a list of who's who.) Series characters Paco and Molly are controlled and calm as they unveil vile secrets. The Milds are authors of two previous Paco and Molly mysteries, Hot Grudge Sunday and Locks and Cream Cheese.

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