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Don't Look Twice
by Andrew Gross
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Here is the short version: Don't Look Twice by Andrew Gross is another praise-worthy thriller that opens quickly and never slows down.

Now, here are some more details: When protagonist Detective Ty Hauck and his thirteen-year-old daughter Jessie are nearly killed in a shooting incident that leaves a customer dead at a Greenwich, Connecticut, gas station and convenience store, and when the apparently youthful gunman escapes without leaving any real clues about his identity or the motive for the shooting, Hauck is determined to solve the crime that nearly cost his and his daughter's lives. Early evidence - meager as it is - suggests that the shooting had been motivated either by a family feud or some other sort of revenge, and - according to the first indications - the dead victim had merely been an innocent bystander.

Additional evidence, of course, quickly contradicts the earliest clues and suggests instead that something bigger and more pernicious is at stake. The shooting victim's identity, at first presumed by Hauck and the police department to be a 'red herring,' becomes a central issue in the case. As Hauck closes in on the confusing truth about the shooter and the victim, he begins to have uncomfortable feelings about who might have been actually calling the shots (so to speak), and in spite of the overwhelming unpleasantness of what he believes he will ultimately discover, and in spite of a steady increase in the body count in Greenwich - Hauck methodically exposes a series of suspects and motives affected by big money, corruption, politics, and family ties.

Finally, though, the bottom line is this: Don't Look Twice is one of those adrenaline-rush adventures in which fast-paced plotting, hyperactive characterizations, and plenty of ready-for-the-big-screen action combine to offer readers a suspense-filled entertainment.

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