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Paradise Valley
by Robyn Carr
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In Robyn Carr's new release, Paradise Valley, we are reunited with some characters from her previous books and are introduced to new friends. Life in the town of Virgin River is always moving forward.

Cameron Michaels is a pediatrician, and a friend of Vanni and Paul. While at a bar one night he meets a young woman, Abby, who is Vanni's friend, but neither realize they both know her. They have a one night stand, something Cameron thought he was too old for and Abby never did before. The next morning Abby flees and Cameron cannot find her. Months later Abby finds herself pregnant with twins, back in Virgin River, staying with Vanni and Paul. She wants nothing from Cameron, either financially or emotionally, but Cameron has his own plans and wants Abby to consider them.

Marine Corporal Rick Sudder served in Iraq and came home missing a leg and in emotional turmoil. His girlfriend Liz supports him in any way that she can, but he rejects her help and her love. Only when Liz walks away does Rick fully understand the depth of his feelings and accept the fact he has to help himself before others can help him. Help comes from a stranger, Dan Brody, who knows what Rick is going through.

New in town, Dan Brody is trying to start over with his life. He has made mistakes and wants to free himself from the guilt he carries with him. He also had been fighting in a war, so he reached out to Rick, hoping to make things easier for him. Working in town on construction, Dan is happy to rent a home even though it is in bad need of repairs. The owner, Cheryl, has been fighting her own demons with the bottle, and is impressed by Dan's work. They slowly build a friendship which Dan hopes will lead to something more, but they each have to learn to trust others, and most of all themselves.

Walt Booth, Vanni's father, is in love with his next door neighbour, Muriel St.Claire. She has moved to Virgin River for a slower pace of life after the bright lights of Hollywood. She feels she can blend in unnoticed and live a normal life. Just when Walt is having serious thoughts of marriage, Muriel answers the call to go on location to make another movie. In his sixties, Walt is not sure he can handle this lifestyle and hopes Muriel will be drawn back to Virgin River.

Return to Paradise Valley, and find out how all their lives are connected, through tragedies and happiness. It is a story of love, survival, and a town filled with people coming together for each other.

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