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Unseen    by Nancy Bush order for
by Nancy Bush
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

A young woman wakes up in a hospital bed, bruised, bloody and with no idea how she got there. Even more disconcerting, she can't remember her name or anything that's happened to her for the last three days. She's even more shocked when a local detective accuses her of instigating a hit-and-run - an incident that could result in further charges if the victim dies.

Detective Will Tanninger has been in law enforcement long enough to spot a liar when he sees one and his cop senses are telling that Jane Doe is very likely using the amnesia ploy to avoid prosecution. That her actions saved a teenager from being abducted by an alleged pedophile only complicates matters. Had Jane Doe somehow known that Edward Letton had a taste for young girls and decided to take matters into her own hands? If their investigation proves Letton guilty - and as much as Will, his colleagues and most of the town might secretly applaud Jane Doe's ballsy actions - the law frowns on vigilantism. Once Jane Doe is identified as Gemma LaPorte, she still insists that she's not responsible for the accident. And as she and Will work together to restore her shattered memories, they also dig up many more shocking secrets about Gemma's shadowy past.

Unseen is Nancy Bush's first independent foray into romantic suspense. She presents a story full of well-drawn characters, complicated plotting with myriad twists and turns, and a surprise ending that readers may not see coming. She also generates plenty of sexual tension between Gemma and Will as they work toward trusting one another. Quirky secondaries, some of whom are painted as potential red herrings, round out a story that's well written, involving and bound to keep you up half the night trying to figure out whodunnit.

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