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The Midnight Twins    by Jacquelyn Mitchard order for
Midnight Twins
by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Order:  USA  Can
Razorbill, 2009 (2008)
Hardcover, Softcover
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

The Brynn twins, Merry and Mallory, are identical in looks and completely different in every other way. In their relationship they are one, only complete when they are together. Their bond includes sharing their twin's thoughts and dreams.

Just before their thirteen birthday, Mallory dreams about a fire. On New Year's Eve, while babysitting for their cousins and little brother, the dream comes true. Both twins are injured, but their rescue of the younger children is heroic. After the fire, they are different in more ways than one. Merry has a scar on one hand so they are no longer identical and they no longer share dreams. Mallory's dreams now predict the future while Merry dreams about the past.

When Mallory dreams that Merry's latest crush kills pets and buries them somewhere near his house, she can't convince Merry that what she dreamed is true. Merry is an optimist. She can't see Mallory's dreams any more and doesn't understand the urgency of her sister's warnings.

Psychic twins are a favorite story plotline, but Mitchard has added chilling suspense, made even stronger because readers know who the villain is. Mallory and Merry are charming heroines and as this is the first book of a trilogy, we can look forward to reading more about them.

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