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Pixie: Volume 1    by Mathieu Mariolle & Aurore order for
by Mathieu Mariolle
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Of the three graphic novels so far in Tokyopop's new line, Pixie by Mathieu Mariolle and Aurore has the most manga-like feel to it. This imaginative tale will transport you to strange, dark fairytale lands.

Prince Ael dreams of living the fairytales that his tutor tells him of each night. Always seeking adventure, which he does not find in his sheltered life, Ael is actually excited when he is kidnapped by the thief, Pixie. However, when Ael falls asleep without having his tutor's spell cast over him, Pixie gets much more than he bargained for. They find themselves in the fairytale world of Somnanbulia. Somnanbulia is a dark place filled with zombies and lycanthropes, but Ael and Pixie also meet Elvynn, an adventurous girl from Sierra, another fairytale world in the mist of war between castes.

Pixie has the feel of a dark fairytale, but this comes through Aurore's artwork more than Mariolle's story. For the most part, the storyline is entertaining and easy to follow, but the jumps to some of the subplots can be confusing with no transition (except for color changes) or exposition. What really makes Pixie, though, is Aurore's stunning artwork. The colors really bring the different worlds to life with dark, muted colors for Somnanbulia and bright, fantasy colors for Sierra.

Pixie will definitely be enjoyed by fantasy fans who love beautiful artwork. Mathieu Mariolle's story is fun, but Aurore's artwork make Pixie stand above other graphic novels.

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