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Going Too Far
by Jennifer Echols
Order:  USA  Can
MTV, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

A recovering cancer victim, Meg lives life to the fullest as much as is possible in the small backwoods town where she lives. When she goes away to college, she's never coming back. That was the plan before she met John After.

Too much to drink and a dare get Meg and her friends almost killed and in real trouble with the law. An uptight police officer saves them from a train and sets up punishments to show them what can happen with too much booze and too little sense. Meg's punishment is to ride along with him as he patrols for one week. It's not long before she realizes that Officer John After is obsessed with the railroad bridge. A couple died on that bridge years ago and Officer After is determined that it'll never happen again.

John is a only a couple of years older than Meg. As they get to know each other during the ride-alongs, Meg becomes an expert at pushing his buttons even when she's not trying. She can't understand why he'd want to give up college and spend the rest of his life driving a police car around their small town. He can't understand why she's so rebellious. He predicts that she is going to hurt or kill herself one day.

As their relationship goes from confrontational to reluctant love, we find out why their lives have taken the paths they're on. Going Too Far has everything a teen love story should have. Rebelliousness, lust, love and humor will keep Meg and John in your thoughts long after putting down the book.

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