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Irrational Numbers    by Robert Spiller order for
Irrational Numbers
by Robert Spiller
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

From Robert Spiller (author of The Witch of Agnesi and A Calculated Demise) comes another sure fire winner. Bonnie Pinkwater is again back in the driver’s seat – both literally (she drives an ancient Subaru named Alice) and figuratively as she leads her own investigation into the shooting death of a former student of hers. Leo came out of the closet with an announcement at his graduation. A fine young man with a good future ahead of him five years ago now lies dead in what looks to be a hate crime.

Bonnie's phone number is found in the deceased's pocket and the police feel she is somehow connected to the crime. The Chief of Police was also a former student and is aware of Bonnie's proclivity to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. Bonnie and the principal of the school where she teaches join forces to bring the right person or persons to justice. The mystery is placed around Colorado Springs which makes it all the more entrancing. The country there is so unpopulated and extraordinarily beautiful, it makes murder even more heinous.

Bonnie is a math teacher and as such is prone to teaching of famous people in history who made their mark on the world with their calculations. Intriguing information. That alone is worthwhile, but the mystery and Bonnie's personality make Irrational Numbers a must-read.

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