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Second Chance Pass    by Robyn Carr order for
Second Chance Pass
by Robyn Carr
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Friends Matt Rutledge and Paul Haggerty grew up together. They were as close as brothers, having true respect for each other. Now Paul is grieving for his friend, killed while serving in Iraq. Before going to fight the war Matt asked Paul to take care of his wife Vanessa, should anything happen to him overseas. Paul remembers when they both met Vanni, a flight attendant. Matt pursued her and eventually married her but Paul had fallen in love with her too. Over the years his feelings only grew stronger, but he never revealed them to anyone. Now he is afraid of rejection from Vanni if he tells her how he feels.

Vanni became a widow and a mother in the space of a few months. Matt was taken from her before he even got to see his son. She was broken hearted over Matt's death but filled with love for their son. Living in Virgin River with her retired father and younger brother, she feels it is time to move forward with her life. Paul had stayed on for six months, supporting her emotionally and helping with the baby. Vanni has grown close to Paul and even feels she is in love with him. She knows he would be a good father to young Matt. Paul has made the decision to move back home to Grants Pass, but he has promised to keep in touch and return for weekend visits. He has an ache in his heart that won't ease up and the last six months have taken their toll.

Back in Grants Pass, Paul continues to date Terri, a young woman he had met months before. His heart is filled with thoughts of Vanni but he feels he should make some attempt to put this behind him. Terri is in love with Paul but knows he will never truly be hers. Now Terri informs Paul that she is pregnant with his child. His mind reeling, he tells Terri he will be there for her and the baby financially and emotionally but he will not marry her. Torn between Terri and thoughts of Vanni, Paul feels life closing in on him. However, Terri did not plan on Paul seeking out the truth about their relationship, which would set him free to claim his true love. Second Chance Pass is a feel good story of friends who have a second chance at true love.

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