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The Witch of Agnesi    by Robert Spiller order for
Witch of Agnesi
by Robert Spiller
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Bonnie Pinkwater, middle aged schoolteacher, hits the mystery streets running. And a good race she runs. I just latched on to three in a new series featuring Bonnie, of which I read The Witch of Agnesi first. Fortunately I have the next two beside me, so I can indulge in Bonnie's exploits at will.

Fear sets into the school where Bonnie teaches when a thirteen year-old genius is found murdered. As bodies pile up, Bonnie comes under some flak herself. Although tottering around on a badly broken ankle, she manages to bring the killer to justice. A widow, she seems to have captivated the heart of another teacher. Armen follows her, not like a sick puppy, but as a man concerned for her welfare. Though it's endearing to her at times, she occasionally also finds it stultifying. Bodies and suspicions pile up as Bonnie and Armen try to work out just who has done what to whom.

This is a quickly paced book with interesting characters who could be your next door neighbors even the abusive father. But maybe not the witch, though she might invite you to Beltane. Hopefully, the experiences described here are not visited upon our own next door neighbors. Bonnie is a teacher who is concerned for her students out of school as well as in her classroom. Her interaction with them shows a concern born of love and a wish to see them go on from her classroom and become responsible and happy people, if they would just dish her up a portion of peace and quiet now and again.

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