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The New Secret Language of Dreams    by David Fontana order for
New Secret Language of Dreams
by David Fontana
Order:  USA  Can
Chronicle, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

There are many methods for self-discovery, especially for those of us willing to look into the paranormal. We could use Tarot cards, have our palms read, or meet with a fortune-teller. But there's a much easier way to delve into our inner psyches - one that doesn't require a leap of faith or suspension of disbelief. We can simply explore our dreams, tap into our subconscious and interpret some of the symbols that appear there.

For most people, dream analysis isn't a simple task. Many of us don't remember our dreams, and wouldn't know how to begin to dissect them even if we did. Fontana takes a straightforward approach to dream interpretation, one that should appeal to even the most skeptical of readers. He begins by delving into the history of dream interpretation, and then explores some scientific facts about why we dream and the benefits of dreaming. It's only after we've understood the fundamentals that he delves into analysis and self-discovery.

Fontana explores common dream content, such as people and emotions, then digs deeper, into common dream types such as sexual dreams and nightmares. He then offers techniques and explains different methods for dream interpretation before arriving at dream symbols. For readers interested in the logic of dreams, there are detailed explanations of dreams as wish fulfillment and analyzing recurring dreams. Every page is enhanced by beautiful, full-color illustrations that help clarify the concepts being explained.

The most interesting and profound segments of the book are the Dream Workshops, in which a person is introduced in a few brief sentences. Next, his or her dream is detailed, and then analyzed. It's fascinating to read about some of the connections Fontana makes between dream symbols and the circumstances surrounding the dreamer. The detailed and varied analysis scenarios offer solid techniques for interpreting our own dreams.

Readers desiring a deeper look into their own psyche will be delighted with Fontana's expert guidance through the world of dreams.

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