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Confident Conversation: How To Communicate Successfully In Any Situation    by Mike Bechtle order for
Confident Conversation
by Mike Bechtle
Order:  USA  Can
Revell, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Conversation can be difficult for just about anyone. If you're an introvert, you may hold back, wish you could speak to others better, and struggle to come up with the right words - often not saying anything at all. If you're an extrovert, you may take over every conversation, talking and talking without listening to anything others have to say. Both ends of the extreme could use tips and pointers about conversation, and Confident Conversation is an excellent resource to meet that need.

Author Mike Bechtle divides the book into four parts: Function Uniquely, Prepare Thoroughly, Explore Expectantly, and Focus Outwardly. Each section goes into depth about conversational techniques to help people become confident, yet not domineering, conversationalists.

In the Function Uniquely section, readers will learn about their own conversational style. The author encourages readers to find what works best for them, not what seems to work well for others. A quiz can help a reader to narrow down their own personal style. Prepare Thoroughly explores barriers and helps the reader to identify common ground within any conversation.

Explore Expectantly moves toward beginning a conversation, developing it, ending it, and then what might happen afterwards. The in-depth explanation of each stage is very helpful, especially to someone who might not have a problem with the beginning of a conversation, but might be clueless as to how to wrap things up. Finally, Focus Outwardly shows the reader how to be a better listener, channeling stress, asking good questions, handling tough conversations, and working on attitude. A very important section deals with high tech communication, from e-mail to chat rooms and all points in between.

Confident Conversation wraps up with 'a mini course for communication', allowing the reader to put into practice all the techniques learned throughout the book. Overall, this is an excellent resource for business, teaching, and any situation where you might need to carry on regular conversations with others. Effective communication is important in every aspect of our lives - from marriage and family to business to just getting along with neighbors. Anyone will find some tidbit in Confident Conversation to take away and apply to his or her own life.

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