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Kiss of Fury: Dragonfire Book 2    by Deborah Cooke order for
Kiss of Fury
by Deborah Cooke
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Alexandra Madison and her partner have spent years working on a clean, efficient and economical fuel source. On the verge of introducing the Green Machine to the world, her partner is murdered, their prototype stolen and their lab rased by fire. Alex is devastated by her loss, but more determined than ever to continue her work - just as soon as she gets out of hospital and is able to secure the second prototype, hidden away at a secret location. Unfortunately, though, her enemies are quickly onto her and if not for the intervention of Donovan Shea, those who would see her life's work destroyed might have succeeded.

Donovan Shea is determined to eradicate the Slayers and if winning the war requires protecting Alexandra Madison, he'll fight to the death. What he isn't prepared for is the fact that she's his destined mate. He'd rather ignore the firestorm she ignites in his blood but that becomes impossible. With the Slayers hot on their trail and the deadline to rebuild the prototype fast approaching, the two are in constant contact, and inevitably, both must concede to their incendiary attraction. Donovan knows he may not survive this latest battle with his bitter enemies. But if he prevails, will he have the strength to forget Alex?

In this second instalment of Cooke's entertaining and imaginative series, she gives readers more insight into the world of the Pyr and the dragon warriors who protect humans against the machinations of the Slayers. Donovan and Alex make an entertaining lead couple as they continuously lock horns; both singlemindedly refuse to give in to their burning attraction. Alex is determined to introduce the world to her Green Machine while Donovan refuses to recognise that Alex is his destined mate. Naturally, lively debates about fate and destiny ensue.

An increasingly complex storyline, plenty of action (which includes nicely written aerial combat scenes between the Pyr and Slayers), the introduction of new players and inventive world building make Kiss of Fire a must read for paranormal fans.

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