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A New Earth, An Old Deception
by Richard Abanes
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Bethany, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Leave it to Oprah Winfrey. Any book that she endorses seems to turn to pure gold, especially ones like The Secret, that she takes to heart and makes into almost a form of religion for viewers. Her latest endorsement is for Dr. Eckhart Tolle's number one bestseller, A New Earth. It has been a pick of the Oprah Book Club, has sold more than four million copies since its release in January 2008, and has spawned an Oprah sponsored series of web classes with millions of participants.

Richard Abanes is a bestselling and award-winning author with a specialty in the area of cults, world religion, and what is happening in popular culture. In A New Earth, An Old Deception, Abanes uses the Bible and other Christian teaching to debate and debunk what he considers the misleading spiritual message portrayed in A New Earth. Since Tolle makes claims regarding the Bible in his book, Abanes contrasts Scripture with Tolle's claims.

Often books of this nature are difficult to read and follow. This one is not. It is laid out simply with Tolle's claims and then the author's response to each one. The chapter headings arrange the topics. First it is explained how this is truly New Age thinking, not Christianity, then Abanes addresses the specifics. Chapter one talks about 'My truth is your truth.' Chapter two is 'God is, You are, I am.' Chapter three discusses 'Bible Abuse. When Words Fail' with specifics to the Bible. Chapter four shows 'A New Earth Jesus.' And finally, chapter five discusses 'No suffering, no sin, no salvation.'

An easy access appendix at the end shows the title of each question answered and the page number where it can be found. A thoroughly researched and complete bibliography is also included.

Anyone who is confused by the claims made in Tolle's book will find clear explanations and answers here. The Bible is about God and His salvation, while A New Earth focuses on the individual and promotes a gospel of self salvation. Abanes' book is an excellent tool for Christians in many ways. First, those who have watched, read, or heard about A New Earth, can find answers to questions it brings up. A New Earth, An Old Deception can also help the Christian believer provide answers to someone else who might be confused or questioning how Tolle's book fits in with Biblical teaching.

This is fascinating, but very deep information. It's not something that a person could casually read through in a day, but rather needs to be pondered and chewed over for a while. A New Earth, An Old Deception is fascinating reading and will provide the information that a Christian needs to know about this cultural phenomenon.

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