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Holy Sex!    by Gregory K. Popcak order for
Holy Sex!
by Gregory K. Popcak
Order:  USA  Can
Crossroad Publishing, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

The author tells us he wrote this book because 'Most people believe the lie that Christians, and Catholic Christians in particular, have a dim, ignorant, and pleasure-killing view of sex. Nothing could be further from the truth.' His intent in Holy Sex! is to shatter lies told about Christianity and sex, and introduce readers to the truth. He also provides tools to make the sexual aspect of marriage the best that it can be.

Part one begins with an in depth analysis of fallacies that have been perpetuated about Christianity - particularly Catholicism - and sex. The author discusses different edicts of the Church in regard to sexuality, and the surprising statements that have been made to confirm the place of holy sex in people's lives. A quiz is provided so that readers can discover their potential in this area - it can also pinpoint areas that need to be strengthened.

In Part two, the Five Great Powers of Holy Sex are analyzed. Part three gets into the details: natural family planning, giving your spouse pleasure, setting the stage, and learning about various ways to pleasure each other. Part four discusses different problems - from mild to serious - that may come into play, and offers hope and direction.

Nothing is held back in Holy Sex!, yet everything is dealt with in a tasteful and upfront manner. This isn't pornography masquerading as a sexual self-help manual; even the most devout Catholic believer should feel comfortable about what is presented. Bible verses are included throughout and underline points the author is trying to make about the connection between spirituality and sexuality. He makes it clear that God desires every husband and wife to have a strong sexual connection. Holy Sex! aspires to aid Christians in this area without shame.

The only drawback for me is that I am not Catholic, so some of the concepts and quotations are a bit foreign to me. But any Christian can find a great deal of information and encouragement in this book, as much of it is universal.

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