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The Vampire’s Kiss    by Raven Hart order for
Vampire’s Kiss
by Raven Hart
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

William Cuyler Thorne, a vampire for approximately five centuries, has longed for death ever since his creation. The night he became a blood drinker, he watched as the monster who created him murdered his wife and child.

In need of a family, but loathe to cause anyone the pain of becoming a blood drinker, Thorne creates only one immortal offspring, Jack McShane, a young confederate soldier he finds near death on the battlefield. Their differences become apparent almost at once. Thorne was once an English gentleman and is now a wealthy Savannah socialite. Jack was a farmer who went to war for the South and is now a good-ole-boy who owns a nighttime tow truck and car repair business. Despite their differences they love each other as father and son, and share the philosophy that innocents should never be killed.

The family Thorne has made for himself also includes the descendants of Lalee, the greatest voodoo priestess the New World has ever seen, and two half human/half canine creatures who serve as bodyguards while he sleeps. Thorne is proud and protective of his family.

In this third book of the Savannah vampires, Jack is left to keep Savannah safe from denizens of the dark while William goes to Europe to rescue the youngest voodoo priestess, nine-year-old Renee. Jack has his hands full with meth-dealing werewolves. In England, William's search for Renee means dealing with two women who had once been important in his life - his wife Diana and his mistress, the fledgling vampire, Eleanor.

When it comes to vampires Raven Hart has historical Savannah covered.

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