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Death Walked In: A Death on Demand Mystery    by Carolyn Hart order for
Death Walked In
by Carolyn Hart
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2008 (2008)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

A delightful new Death on Demand mystery springs from the mind of the prolific Carolyn Hart as she involves Max and Annie in yet another murder in their paradise on Broward's Rock, South Carolina. Max and Annie are a perfect couple, living in a perfect house, running perfect businesses, eating exotic food and drinking gourmet coffee. But as often happens in the Garden of Eden, evil slithers in.

Gwen, the housekeeper at the Grant Estate, told Max's secretary on the phone that she has hidden something no one must know about in Max's and Annie's house, but the locks have been changed so she cannot retrieve the item. She wants Max to come and unlock the doors. Annie answers the call and arrives at Gwen's house just in time to hold Gwen's hand before she dies.

Annie comes away with a small clue uttered as the woman died. A newspaper headlining the theft of valuable coins at the Grant Estate causes Annie to assume correctly that someone stole the coins from the Grant house. Gwen saw them and retrieved something that she hid in Max's and Annie's house, under renovation not far from the Grant Estate.

There are plenty of suspects including Mr. Grant, his wife, their four step-children, and Mr. Grant's sister-in-law from a previous marriage. Gwen's ne'er-do-well son is accused and arrested. Max and Annie are convinced Gwen's son didn't kill her but then who did? It seems no one saw anyone or anything suspicious on the day of the murder.

Although they are on a cruise, Annie's mother-in-law, madcap Laurel, and friends - imperious Emma and no-nonsense Henny (Hart's words) - put in their two cents worth via email. There's another murder, and some near misses from a hidden assassin. Finally Annie is backed into a corner and it seems she will be the next victim.

Of course, Max and Annie always solve the mystery and come out on top to live and love again. As usual, we lose ourselves in the pages and are sorry when the ride is over. I've known Max and Annie Darling since their inception seventeen novels ago and have loved every one. Keep 'em coming Ms. Hart. We love Max and Annie.

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