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Losing You
by Nicci French
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2008 (2006)
Hardcover, Softcover, Audio, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Nicci French novels are always a treat, and Losing You is another superb thriller.

When the pulse-pounding story begins, readers are introduced to narrator Nina Landry. She and her children, Charlotte (Charlie) and Jackson, and Nina's new man-in-her-life, Christian, are about to take a two week vacation from their Sandling Island (U.K.) home to the Florida Keys. First, though, before their afternoon departure, Nina has to survive a mid-morning 40th birthday party given in her honor.

During the well-attended birthday celebration, Nina becomes increasingly concerned about the absent Charlie who has not yet returned from her overnight sleepover at a friend's nearby house. As the morning passes, Nina's concern begins turning to full-blown panic because she is increasingly worried that something terrible has happened to Charlie. When notified, the police, not particularly worried, simply think that the fifteen-year old has either been delayed at a friend's or - in their worse case scenario - she may have simply run away from home.

Nina acknowledges that Charlie has been difficult and confrontational lately, but she rejects the runaway theory, and her maternal instincts persuade her that something more sinister must have happened. Nina questions many of Charlie's friends, but - at first - learns little of value; then - when Charlie's abandoned bicycle is discovered - Nina's nightmare takes on terrifying proportions.

Losing You takes off into high-gear as Nina, frustrated by the slow and misdirected police interest, frantically searches for clues about her daughter's location. Confronting her ex-husband, grilling her daughter's acquaintances, and questioning numerous townspeople, Nina leaves no stone unturned in her desperate quest. However, what she discovers along the way to the truth about Charlie's whereabouts are terrifying realities no parent should ever have to confront. Full of excitement and superbly crafted, Losing You is a most highly recommended novel in which blood-curdling fear, unconditional love, and wicked betrayal figure prominently.

Nicci French is the pseudonym for the best-selling husband-and-wife team of journalists Nicci Gerrard and Sean French; living in Suffolk, England, they are the authors of eight previous novels, including Killing Me Softly, Secret Smile, and Catch Me When I Fall. Losing You may be their best, so don't miss it!

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