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Faith Enough to Finish    by Jill Briscoe order for
Faith Enough to Finish
by Jill Briscoe
Order:  USA  Can
Monarch, 2007 (2001)
* *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

If you feel like you're at the end of your rope, Faith Enough to Finish can give you hope and ideas, to help you hang on. In it, the reader will learn that 'having faith enough to finish means having faith enough to start.'

In her latest book, Jill Briscoe compares the lives of the prophet Jeremiah and his friend Baruch to that of the modern day reader. No matter the situation you are in - God is always good and faithful. She points out that 'having faith distress can lead to faith development so that our faith can be displayed to the world.' In case you are not sure whether or not you are in faith distress, Jill points out signs to watch for. Through it all, she reminds the reader that 'prayer makes it possible for limited people to meet an unlimited God.'

The author emphasizes that God has two primary plans for us. The first, and most important, one is to establish a relationship with Him. The second plan is our task (or vocation). If you are not sure what that is, Jill offers options on how to discover it. For people struggling over their task/vocation, she notes that 'God appointed you to a task that He's anointed you to perform'. At the end of each chapter, Jill includes a Time Out section, designed to be used for group or individual study.

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