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by Rachel Maude
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Poppy, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Poseur is the first book in a new clique lit series by Rachel Maude. Just as gossipy as the other series set at prestigious prep schools in well-to-do-areas, Poseur has a fun twist it is all about fashion, with some awesome illustrations and patterns to accompany the story.

Janie Farrish does not fit in at Winston Prep. She and her twin brother Jak are two of the school's few scholarship students. While Jake somehow managed to become popular the summer between freshman and sophomore year, Janie remains a no man. All of this is about to change when the school's newest teacher institutes special studies - each student gets to make a proposal for the class they would want, and if four or more students have similar ideas, such a class is formed.

Janie, a budding fashion designer, is thrown together with three of the most popular 10th graders at Winston: Charlotte, the wannabe French seamstress; Melanie, a diva who thinks the world revolves around her; and Petra, the beautiful hippie. Together, the girls are supposed to create a fashion label. With so many different personalities, it will be a wonder if these four girls can get anything accomplished.

Poseur is a fun read, as long as it is not read too much in depth because there are some continuity issues, which is something that always bothers me - but I am not sure how much it bothers other readers. Also, while it does have a good message about overcoming differences and working together, the story is riddled with underage drinking and pot smoking, although very little profanity.

The best part about Poseur is that it is sprinkled with Janie's fun drawings of everyone's outfits and the fashions she wishes to create. These illustrations are done by Rachel Maude herself. For even more fashion fun, NYC fashion label Compai has included easy instructions at the back of the book for a signature clothing item from each of the four girls.

Fashionistas will enjoy Rachel Maude's Poseur, while those who enjoy making their own clothing might find inspiration. Readers looking for something more, however, should probably look elsewhere. Clique lit is meant to be fun and scandalous, not a deep read.

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