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Night Season: The World of the Lupi Book 4    by Eileen Wilkes order for
Night Season
by Eileen Wilkes
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Werewolf sorcerer Cullen Seabourne and Cynna Weaver (an agent in the FBI's Magical Crime Division) are once again thrust together as they travel to a magical realm where daylight has been stolen and where nothing is as it seems.

Cynna Weaver would prefer avoiding Cullen for the rest of her life - or at least until she's accepted the fact that she's pregnant with his child - a conception that should never have happened since Lupi are notoriously sterile. But with all the extra magic floating around lately (what with the arrival of dragons and an assortment of other otherworldly creatures that humans always considered nothing more than myth) how ironic is it that two cynical loners like Cynna and Cullen would create a new life in a moment of wild passion - a new life that forces each to reconsider their values and unfettered lifestyle.

When a delegation from another realm called Edge requests that Cynna and Cullen return with them to help locate a stolen medallion that controls their seasons, both are uncomfortable with the plan. Something about each of the delegates doesn't quite smell right. But when Cynna learns that her father resides in Edge, and that he's eager to explain why he abandoned her and her mother years before, she agrees. Once they're in Edge however, it's soon clear that they were indeed tricked and that powerful beings will stop at nothing to get to their hands on the medallion first.

Wilkes does another marvellous job expanding her mythology, although the plot itself is rather slow to get moving while the characters are still Earthbound as well as when they arrive in Edge. She spends a good deal of time re-capping past events and plot points and sometimes overstating the rules of magic as they apply to humans stranded in Edge. She also introduces a host of new characters, as Cullen and Cynna carry out their dangerous journey to locate the missing medallion.

Their romance is handled well however, as both get used to the fact that they're about to become parents. Each is forced to confront personal baggage and address the serious Lupi clan implications that Cullen sets off once he announces his real intentions to the sceptical Cynna. Night Season, which adds another imaginative and intriguing layer to a paranormal series that's one of the best around, is sure to hook dedicated fans all over again.

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