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Sleeping With Ward Cleaver    by Jenny Gardiner order for
Sleeping With Ward Cleaver
by Jenny Gardiner
Order:  USA  Can
Love Spell, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

One Sunday evening over dinner Claire Doolittle realizes that her marriage has lost that warm happily ever after glow and, even worse, 'the guy who once wooed me with sweet words and kind actions is now content to deluge me with do-thises, don't-do-that's and do-you-understands'. Basically, he's morphed into 'a modern day version of the bossy, dull Ward Cleaver of '50's sitcom fame'. Even their 'mandatory sex night' has become nothing more than a chore. All Jack needs to complete the transformation 'is a cardigan and a billowing pipe to become the domineering father figure she'd never wanted'. And Ward ... err ... Jack seems completely oblivious to his transformation. What's a busy working mom to do? Grin, bear it and politely say yes dear? Perhaps yesterday. But today, not likely!

A perfect opportunity to recharge their failing marriage presents itself when Jack casually mentions that his architectural firm is sending him off to Florida for a working weekend. Claire is thrilled and as she's mentally ticking off all the reasons she cannot allow herself be seen in public in the one swim suit that still fits her lumpy body, Jack offhandedly informs her that she isn't invited. Claire is livid. Her fury escalates further once she discovers that some young office hottie has cast her roving eye on Jack. Determined to stop the scheming little bimbo in her tracks and force Jack to finally pay more attention to her, their children and their marriage, Claire (and a former beau who started emailing her out of the blue) devise a plan of action that's guaranteed to make Jack sit up and take notice.

American Title III grand prize winner Jenny Gardiner skilfully captures Claire's many moods as she's pulled in countless directions while watching the life she always took for granted spiral out of control. Through skilful, sly, and either hilarious or poignant first person observations, Claire shares her frustration, her growing anger, her moments of self-doubt and finally the sobering realization that the fractured state of her marriage isn't all Ward's fault. And that to repair those cracks, both of them must put their issues out onto the table and work together to fix them. Sleeping With Ward Cleaver is a fun, cheeky, often candid and thoroughly engaging story that hits on relationship issues to which many readers will relate.

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