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Evermore: A Novel of the Darkyn    by Lynn Viehl order for
by Lynn Viehl
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Jayr willingly sacrificed her life to save that of the fierce warrior Aedan mac Bryne during the Battle of Bannockburn. Or so she believes until she wakens to discover that her exposure to his Darkyn blood granted her immortality. Forever beholden to her for her sacrifice, Bryne installs Jayr as his seneschal, a position that no woman has ever held and that requires she oversee every aspect of his daily life as well as his vast holdings. And while they share blood on a regular basis to renew their sacred oath, neither is willing to admit their feelings.

After centuries of playing lord of the manor, Aedan is determined to retreat to a life of isolation, away from the Kyn and away from Jayr, the woman he's long loved from afar. But by Kyn law he can never claim her as his own. His last act is to oversee the tournament that will decide the new master of his estate - and of his loyal seneschal. Jayr, too, cannot fathom a life without Aedan. But before she can summon the courage to confront her feelings - and reveal the truth to Aedan and the Kyn, old enemies renew an ancient grudge that involves Jayr's own shadowy lineage.

Viehl steps back from the ongoing Brethren conspiracies and from juggling numerous sub-plots to delve deeper into Darkyn's fascinating hierarchy. She also shows the lighter side of her warriors as they come together at Aedan's sprawling Florida estate for the annual gathering that doubles as a very profitable medieval tourist attraction. It's during these staged festivities and mock battles that she puts a very clever twist on the Robin and Marion legend.

Michael and Alex, (the leads from the first book) have another meaty role here, but their stormy relationship and various unresolved issues never overshadow the touching love story that finally flares to brilliant and sensuous life between Jayr and Aedan. Evermore is another dark, intricate treat and Viehl continues to challenge readers with her vivid characterizations, complicated plotting and inventive mythology.

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