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Atomic Lobster    by Tim Dorsey order for
Atomic Lobster
by Tim Dorsey
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2008 (2008)
Hardcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Who let them loose again? Serge and Coleman have returned to the printed page. And, as expected, they're up to their old tricks. Serge is sure that what he does is for the common good, no matter how many bodies are left strewn behind him; and Coleman simply follows Serge in his endeavors, usually too stoned to form an opinion of his own.

Serge's therapist convinces him to join a Non Confrontational Anonymous support group. Soon Serge is leading the group, prompting the counselor to seek a support group of his own. And Serge and Coleman are eating up the miles around the streets and backwaters of southern Florida in company with Rachael who can't see beyond her next fix.

Jim Davenport is trying to remain in seclusion so that Tex McGraw, a recently released convict, won't find him. McGraw has a matter to settle with Jim. Once Serge gets involved, things really get out of hand. Serge, Coleman, and Rachael end up on a cruise ship. How can that trip go anywhere but downhill with Serge aboard?

Author Tim Dorsey has a really whacky streak that just won't quit. His fans may be as whacky as he is. I know I am. Serge is a character like no one else. His self assurance of the rightness of his own actions is rare to behold. He does what all of us at one time or another would like to do metes out the punishment he feels fits the crime. Cut him off on the highway and you might soon find your car under six feet of water with you in it, sinking fast.

Grab an old lady's purse and Serge is likely to run you down, beat you with the purse, and then turn you over to an angry mob. For a psychopath, Serge is endearing. His sense of right and wrong makes for delightful reading. Atomic Lobster is the latest in a long string of books by Tim Dorsey, each and every one as good as the last.

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