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Cut: Mercy for Self Harm    by Nancy Alcorn order for
by Nancy Alcorn
Order:  USA  Can
Winepress, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

Nancy Alcorn is the founder of Mercy Ministries, a residential program for young women (ages 13-28) dealing with issues such as eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, sexual abuse, addiction, depression and self-harm.

Cut is the first book in her Mercy for series. It is designed for young women who are dealing with self-harm, as well as for family and friends hoping to help them. Self-harm is defined as a deliberate, repetitive, impulsive harming of one's body. It usually occurs in secret as a means of dealing with out-of-control or overwhelming emotions. There may be a link to abuse, family dysfunction, depression and shame.

Alcorn stresses the importance of accepting God, who is there for the pain. She believes that giving in to the self-harm behaviors gives Satan control, and advises that forgiveness can be a powerful tool when you allow God to be your strength. Prayers for various aspects (example: salvation, help and healing, surrender and temptation) are included.

One chapter shares the stories of three girls - how and when the self-harm began and how they came to know their identity in God. There is also a chapter for parents and those who care, which gives suggestions on how to create an environment for healthy expression, how to confront with care, and how to be supportive.

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