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Guyaholic    by Carolyn Mackler order for
by Carolyn Mackler
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Vivian Vail Valentine known as V for short is really into guys, but she doesn't have a special guy or even want one. After being hit by a hockey putt, she gets eighteen stitches and a guy named Sam, whose lap she landed in. Sam would like them to be a couple, but V insists that they remain friends with benefits.

V's mother Aimee went to Costa Rica after her last relationship breakup, shipping V to live with her grandparents. Even after raising Aimee, her grandparents still aren't prepared for V and often suggest counseling whenever something goes wrong for her.

V is disappointed when her mother doesn't show up for her graduation ceremony. She pretends she's not, but when Sam makes a careless but hurtful remark about her mother, the breakup of their just friends relationship staggers them both.

Aimee has broken promises since V moved to Rochester, so V decides to take a road trip to San Antonio where she now lives with a guy known only as Cowboy. If Aimee won't come to her, she'll go to Aimee.

V first appeared in Vegan Virgin Valentine which is told from her aunt's point of view. In Guyaholic, V finally gets to share her own thoughts and feelings about the world she lives in. Funny, misguided and hellacious, V will win your heart even when you can't agree with her actions. Guyaholic is a humorous read about a young protagonist with problems only she can solve.

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