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Fiddle Game    by Richard A. Thompson order for
Fiddle Game
by Richard A. Thompson
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

I can always count on a Poisoned Pen Press publication to be a winner. Fiddle Game outdoes this claim. In his debut effort, Richard A. Thompson runs quickly past the onus of first book to 'a really good read without the clichés and stumbles that plague first time novelists.'

Herman Jackson, a bail bondsman in St. Paul, escaped a bad rap in Detroit and settles down to a quieter life. But when a young woman - who came to him for help for her brother - is run down in the street, he can't stop himself from getting involved in what turns out to be a murder. Action jumps to the forefront and stays there through the whole of Fiddle Game. Herman is given to introspection as he examines his own or others' actions and his one-liners alone are worth the read. Gypsies are involved, as is a centuries-old violin. Incidentally, as it is vital to the story, readers gain insight into the world of the Rom as well as the art of the lothier, a maker of violins.

Herman has an uncle in prison, who somehow or other manages to help him in the form of Rosie, a diner owner in a small town who throws up her life to join his. Their rambles together lead them into more and more danger until the surprising ending. A good plot, interesting characters, a great backdrop, a cursed violin, a crooked cop, and good writing. What more can a reader want? Hopefully, this is the first of a series.

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