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The Vampire's Secret    by Raven Hart order for
Vampire's Secret
by Raven Hart
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Jack McShane and his creator William Cuyler Thorne were once the only vampires in Savannah. They have rules about killing innocents and don't take kindly to roving vampires who don't agree with their philosophy. In book one they are attacked by Euro vamps in a battle that puts an end to William's old enemy, Reedrek. But things will only be peaceful for a while. Reedrek's followers will come again, this time for revenge.

The Vampire's Secret is the second book in the Savannah Chronicles. William and Jack are preparing themselves for the upcoming invasion of the old-world bloodsuckers. They decide there may be safety in numbers. The book opens with William making Elaine, his luscious mistress, into a creature of the night who will be his eternal companion. William still loves his long dead wife, who was murdered when he became a vampire. Jack has reason to wonder if she is really gone. Did she die, or was she changed as well?

William also turned Lamar Nathan Von Werm, a goth vampire wannabe. Although Werm isn't the best possible choice as an ally, Jack tries to teach him how to be a responsible vampire and avoid getting staked or burning up in the sun.

Creating new vampires is not as easy as it might seem. Jack's only try ended in disaster. Not everyone makes the shift from human to creature of the night. If they don't become vampires, their bodies die. Only their souls are immortal. Immortal, but damned and living in the darkness of hell.

Jack and William are opposites in character and background. Each is charming in his own way. They tell the story in first person, alternating viewpoints. The Savannah Chronicles offers more than vampires. Black magic, shape-shifters, and good and bad spirits are all a part of Savannah's heritage. Raven Hart writes a good vampire fantasy, this one with a love story that goes back five hundred years.

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