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Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves: One Butt Cheek at a Time    by Amber Kizer order for
Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves
by Amber Kizer
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Sally Selvadurai

Gert Garibaldi feels alienated, as do most high school students. First, why did her parents have to come up with such a ridiculous name as Gertrude, especially as it was not a family-heirloom-type of name. Had they 'forgotten what is was like to be a kid, and picked the ugliest name on the planet just to see what kinds of hell a name can conjure.'

Gert does not have many friends; in fact Adam is her best friend they have hung out and shared their deepest thoughts since kindergarten. And Adam has his own problems to deal with, the greatest amongst them being the fact that he is gay and likes Tim, who likes him too, but is not yet ready to come out. Tim's gorgeous brother Lucas, a football jock, is the focus of Gert's daydreams, her perfect date, her future husband ... Add to this mix Stephen, a brain from Gert's history class who has a crush on Gert, and stir!

Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves: One Butt Cheek at a Time is a typical teen angst book. While it is light reading, it moves rather slowly and predictably. No doubt it will appeal to pre- and just post-pubescent girls, but has no real answers to many of those burning teenage girl issues.

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