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Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Reveal about You    by Risa Williams & Ezra Werb order for
by Risa Williams
Order:  USA  Can
Quirk, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I've always believed that the books we enjoy say a lot about who we are, so why not the movies too? That is certainly the premise of Cinescopes by screenwriter/social worker Risa Williams and screenwriter/novelist Ezra Werb, who tell us that 'Discovering something new about your personality is as easy as making a list of your ten favorite movies.' They offer Cinescopes as 'a unique personality assessment system based on heroic archetypes commonly found in movies.'

How does it work? We're told to list our ten favorite movies, find them in a glossary at the back of the book (noting the codes beside each one), and then locate the Cinescope for the code that appears most frequently. Voila, your personality type. I did this but had some problems. First, my all time favorite movie, For Roseanna (admittedly an obscure one) did not appear, and second, my codes for the others were all over the map - does this indicate a fractured personality or simply wide-ranging tastes?

Since I did rate VR - The Vivacious Romantic - several times, I looked it up. Each of the twelve Cinescopes in the book offers: a summary of the personality type; famous roles of that type and typical typecasting (e.g. Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally); Personality Strengths, Weaknesses and Deepest Secrets; Quintessential Statements; Typical Transportation; Culinary Favorites (they got it right on the chocolates!); the personality type at work, with friends, and in love; Quintessential Behavior; Must-See Movies; most and least Compatible Cinescope Types; the type's Greatest Nemesis; and Words of Advice.

Whether or not it really works for perceptive personality insights, Cinescopes is lots of fun - the kind of small volume that makes a winning stocking stuffer or party gift, and gets enthusiastic conversations going.

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